I created, hand coded this basic WordPress theme and used bootstrap to style it and make it responsive. This theme is for a blogging website where the user can post different blogs.

On the home page the menu was created using bootstrap and the walker class and has the functionality to be changed from a single menu to a dropdown menu using the menu section of WordPress. The image slider is automatically populated with the most recent posts, displaying the name of the post and the category of the post. The images in the slider are generated depending on the image the user sets as the featured image of the post. When clicking on the name of the post you are taken to a page that contains the fill blog post and clicking on the category you are shown a full list of the posts that are from that category.

The side bar was created using widgets and has a functioning search bar, menu and archives list that is categorised into moths. The number of posts for that month are also displayed. When clicking on an archive link a list of all posts from that month is generated.